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Order the Unlock Code of your LG Stylo 2 Plus

When I order an Unlock Code for my LG Stylo 2 Plus, what will I receive?

We provide you with the Unlock Code to permanently unlock your LG Stylo 2 Plus.


In case your LG Stylo 2 Plus requires multiple Unlock Codes, all Unlock Codes necessary to unlock your LG Stylo 2 Plus are automatically sent to you.


We also provide detailed instructions on How To Unlock your LG Stylo 2 Plus. In most cases the procedure is very easy:

How to Unlock LG Stylo 2 Plus?

  1. Insert SIM card from a source different than your original Service Provider
  2. (i.e. if you have a Rogers phone, use a non-Rogers SIM card).
  3. LG Stylo 2 Plus will ask you to enter SIM Unlock PIN.
  4. Enter Unlock Code.
  5. Your LG Stylo 2 Plus will be unlocked!

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Other names for LG Stylo 2 Plus

  • LG MS550
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