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Sprint Sim Card Locked: What does it mean and how to fix it

A device with a locked SIM can’t make or receive calls and may not be able to receive text messages as well. If you wish to unlock your SIM card, you can contact your carrier since all cellular providers are required by law to unlock SIM cards for free, assuming your contract has ended.

If that is not possible, this guide will show you what it means to have a sprint sim card locked and how to fix it.

Why would a SIM card be locked?

SIM cards are installed on most cell phones. They are memory chips used in mobile devices to store information such as your account number, phone book, texts, and other data. Carriers often ‘lock’ the phones that you purchase from them because they want to ensure you will continually use their services.

On the other hand, you will also see a Sprint sim card locked error if you are switching to a new phone or device using a sim from your old phone. That is because your phone’s serial number (IMEI) and the SIM card’s unique identifying number (ICCID) must be registered together. If they don’t match in your carrier’s system, you will see this error.

If you have been given a new phone for a replacement and you wish to use the same SIM card from your previous device, you have to call your carrier and have them register that SIM card together with your new phone.

What does Sprint SIM card locked error mean?

Like any other mobile service provider, Sprint also ‘locks’ the phone that you get from them. If your phone is ‘locked’ or if you see a Sprint SIM card locked error, it means you’re not going to be able to use their current Sprint-branded handset on another carrier’s network unless your device is unlocked.

Moreover, a locked phone is subject to roaming charges when taken outside of Sprint’s service area and network because the phone is programmed to work only with Sprint’s SIM card. If you are using your phone overseas where the Sprint network is not available, you have to pay for roaming charges to use your phone for calls, texts, or data when you’re not connected to WiFi.

Trying to use an unlock app from untrusted sources could brick your phone by sending incorrect commands to your device. Unlocking Sprint phones should be done either through your service provider or through reputable services such as code4gsm.

A locked cellphone usually comes with a disclaimer about using it on other carriers. If you previously used Sprint and unlock your phone through code4gsm, the phone itself is no longer tied to Sprint or any specific carrier.

According to Sprint’s Unlocking FAQs, your account will be examined for eligibility first. If you are indeed eligible for unlocking, you have to wait 2 days before they unlock the phone for you.

ERROR: Sprint SIM Card Locked. Please Power Cycle

This is the same error as the Sprint SIM card has locked and as mentioned earlier, SIM will lock if either the device MEID or SIM ICCID doesn’t match what is on your account. If you would like to fix this, then you can go to your carrier and ask them whether they’ll unlock the phone you’re currently using on their network, especially if it’s a phone that was bought as new as there is nothing wrong with doing so as long as your account with them is in good standing.

To unlock your Sprint phone, you have to prove that you are a customer who is owed a refund or has an account in good standing. You can not unlock a device that is still under contract, and it may take up to 10 days for your handset to be completely unlocked before it can be used on other networks.

It will also apply if you cancel your account with Sprint early by way of cancellation fees. However, as mentioned before, there are now ways around this, so you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary after canceling. Third-party providers such as code4gsm offer unlocking services at reasonable rates so customers can enjoy their devices without limitations and the warranty they’re entitled to.

Fix Sprint SIM card locked error through code4gsm

If you are not eligible for unlocking through Sprint, you may use the code4gsm service. Unlocking your device with us will not break your device’s warranty if it’s still covered, and you don’t have to go through complex processes to get it done.

To unlock Apple devices such as iPhones and iPad, all we need would be your IMEI or the phone’s serial number. We also need just your IMEI number to unlock any type of Android phone.


You should know that if your account isn’t in good standing or you haven’t paid off the remainder of what you owe for the device, Sprint won’t grant your request for an unlocking code.

Unlocking Sprint phones can be done straight from the manufacturer or service providers since they know how these devices work. We hope the information mentioned above gave you an idea of how to fix the Sprint sim card locked issue.

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