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Short Instruction:


For first submit/order your devices IMEI number in this service.

 32 bit tool

64 bit tool

Please down this software connect with your phone and click  bypass, will Unlock your phone.



* This Service cannot Bypass iCloud Locked Devices. No Refund for Wrong order.


 * It is Temporary Solution For Activating MDM Locked Apple Devices.

After device restoring your device again will stuck in MDM Activation Lock Screen.

Once your Device IMEI number will be in activation aproval list.

You again can Bypass MDM Lock of your Device. Our suggestion - Make fresh backup of yor device and keep it in iCloud.

We cannot garanty you long life of this service,

but with Fresh Backup of your device - you always can restore it for future using without MDM lock.

iActivate app can be used to easily bypass iOS Mobile Device Management Profile (MDM) lock. List of supported devices:



iPhone (all models and iOS versions)


iPad (all models and iOS versions)


iPod Touch (all models and iOS versions)


Connect your device to iTunes. Once you complete activation you will see a message displayed text: “Company name will automatically configure your iPhone“.

Next activation action will ask you to enter corporate username and password. This means your device was enrolled to MDM using Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program).

Confgratulations you can use iActivate to bypass mobile device management configuration profile. 





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